NAME:         Sparkle

FAVORITE BANDS: Backstreet Boys, Journey, and Josh Groban. 

FAVORITE FOOD: Pizza (with ranch)

FAVORITE SPORTS TEAM: I support the refs! They never lose and always make it to the Super Bowl, I’m never disappointed

1st  JOB: HomeFlix (mom and pop video rental place)

HOBBIES: acting, writing, painting/drawing, and performing! Also, movies, plays, volunteering, playing outside, and taking naps

FAVORITE TV SHOW: Roswell, Community, Parks and Rec,  Psych, and SNL  (and of course, Dawson Creek…that drama though!!)

FAVORITE MOVIE: Stars Wars, ALL of them. From Justin to Kelly, Anchorman, Rock of Ages, Night at the Roxbury, A Christmas Kiss

IF I WASN’T A RADIO DJ: I would just die

FAVORITE RESTAURANT: Any place with a cheese board and a view.

FAVORITE DRINK: Malibu Rum and Diet Coke

FAVORITE NON-TIPSY DRINK: Its called “Sparkle Tea” at Starbucks. (Iced Passion Tea, no water, no classic sweetener, sub Berry Hibiscus Juice add Stevia )

BEST CHILDHOOD MEMORY:  throwing all the Christmas wrapping paper into the stairwell at my grandma’s house and jumping into it like a pile of leaves with my brothers and cousins!

BIGGEST ANNOYANCE: when people say “sucks for you” and when feet scoot against the carpet, that sound makes me want to punch a stranger


FAVORITE HOLIDAY: My birthday… AND CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BEST CONCERT: The Blue Man Group and Backstreet Boys

TOP 3 PLACES YOU’VE TRAVELED: South Africa (mission trip), Holland (also mission trip) and Chicago

FAVORITE BOOK: The Bible, Hunger Games Series, and Amish fiction (it’s actually quite amazing!)



FAVORITE SPOT IN CHARLESTON: Swings at Waterfront Park

FAVORITE SMELL: Laundry detergent


When in doubt, just make out. ( or dance it out, whatever applies)

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TIC TOC : @95sxsparkle

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