Mr. Phil

NAME:  Mr. Phil

FAVORITE BANDS:  Lets just call them modern musical acts: Kanye West and Amy Winehouse are two that I’ve always enjoyed.

FAVORITE FOOD:  All sorts of noodles

FAVORITE SPORTS TEAM: South Carolina Gamecocks, New York Knicks,  Brazil and Team USA in soccer

BIGGEST TURN-ON: Sequin…Weird! I know.


1st  JOB: busboy at a restaurant

HOBBIES: Kickball, soccer, traveling, watching college football and UFC

FAVORITE TV SHOW: Homeland, Broad City, Workaholics, Silicon Valley, Narcos

FAVORITE MOVIE: Don’t really have one

IF I WASN’T A DJ : I like to think I’d be a taste tester at a candy factory

FAVORITE RESTAURANT CHAIN:  I don’t really eat at chains unless I have no choice.  Panera Bread is my new go to.

FAV CHARLESTON RESTAURANT: Too many to list but the first few that come to mind are Minero, Edmund’s Oast, Raw 167.

FAV DRINK:  I often find myself drinking pink drinks and not always intentionally.

BIGGEST ANNOYANCE:  People who chew with their mouth open.  People who don’t let you finish speaking.

FAV CANDY :  Trolli Sour Brite Crawler Sour Gummy Worms…I’m salivating at the thought.

BEST CONCERT:  I’ve been to quite s few concerts and Bruno Mars really blew me away.

TOP 3 PLACES YOU’VE TRAVELED:  Maui, Miami, and traveling Brazil during the World Cup

FAV BOOK: Outliers

FAV COLOR: Colors are visually stimulating so why have favorites?!?!?  I do however dislike orange and purple.


FAV SMELL :  The smell of being on vacation!

FAV NON TIPSY DRINK :  Most Propel flavors and Simply Lemonade

PERSONAL QUOTE:  Prepare for the worst and hope for the best!


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